President's Message: September 2022


Monica Kuo

The IFLA World Congress was successfully concluded in Gwangju, Korea, at the time of typhoon Hinnamnor. We would like to thank the organizers of the KILA Congress for their perseverance in achieving their mission despite the uncertainties of the pandemic.

I am sorry that I could not go abroad due to the positive PCR test before the conference, but I have pre-recorded the speech and annual report to express my gratitude to everyone. I would also like to thank Chris for chairing the Regional Council Meeting. Although the time and venue was limited to only 1 hour and 45 minutes, everyone was able to understand and report the progress and results of the committing in a very concise manner.

Treasurer Kuang Yu was not able to attend the meeting due to health reasons, but his written report showed that APR's finances were supported by many corporate members for the AAPME Awards thanks to the active and continuous efforts of FBP chair Damian. Dr. Wang also suggested that we should continue to develop other sources of funding so that we can have a stronger ability to promote more diverse and sustainable international affairs and the growth of our member organizations.

IFLA has worked with CLARB to collect surveys of practicing landscape architects from around the world, and the results will be made available to all participating organizations and members (please refer to the IFLA-APR website link) 

Finally, we would like to welcome our new members and thank our former members for their dedication and support. We will strengthen the links with all of you in different social media, so that we can communicate more smoothly, and we welcome you to join the committees and participate in the bi-monthly Talk & Share, and if you have any other valuable suggestions, please feel free to contact our secretaries. We look forward to meeting, discussing and getting together with you next year in Tokyo.