Join Our Young LA Alliance

The International Federation of Landscape Architects would like to encourage young talents to join the Young LA Alliance.

IFLA is looking to create a global network of passionate Landscape Architects to shape the future of the industry. In order to develop them, IFLA would like to present the Young LA Alliance, a free membership program aimed at giving young professionals under the age of 35 an opportunity to grow and learn together. 



This free membership offers young landscape architects the opportunity to join a growing community of passionate professionals. Exclusively for landscape architects under the age of 35, members will be able to:

  • Share their interests with the community.
  • Express desired volunteer opportunities to IFLA APR so that these can be met in the near future. 
  • Interact with like-minded landscape architects and share idea and opinions.
  • Learn more about the profession, through mentorships when the community grows.
  • Be identified for potential projects that could interest them.
  • BE the future of IFLA.


To join this membership programme,