By Chiara Sonzogni

What could be better than celebrating an anniversary together with the people closest to us? Remembering old times?

That's exactly what happened at during IFLA WORLD 75h birthday where all the regional delegations held meetings to celebrate the work and achievements of a network dedicated to landscape architecture in all its forms, from design to environmental preservation, from project issues to global challenges.

Since the beginning of November, IFLA APR has been joining the celebrations with an original contribution dedicated to all its entire community. On its social channels FB and IG, the IFLA HISTORY communication campaign has been launched. This campaign aim to tell the IFLA story through weekly posts, making the IFLA APR community a witness of the steps that have led IFLA to become a respected and internationally recognised network, a point of reference for the broader community of students, researchers, professors, professionals and decision makers linked to the world of landscape.

Every week there will be a focus on curiosities, news, and little-known things based on the reference of the Green Book, which is dedicated to the histroy of IFLA and recently published by ListLab publisher. For example, did you know that IFLA was founded during just a week- end? It was the 14th of August in 1948 in Cambridge. And, what about the idea of create a federation for landscape architect was born during the Brussels International Exhibition in 1935? As well as perhaps missing how the professional and informal role of women has been crucial to the birth, creation and maintenance of the network.

These and more are the curiosities and historical facts reported in the History column, publishing on Saturday via IFLA APR' FB and IG channels, at 6pm in Bangkok, Thailand (GMT+7). This is an appointment you dont want to miss out on as we will retrace together the stages of an important history, where since the beginning has been able to keep faith with the goal of uniting efforts and skills in the interests of preserving the natural and built landscape of our planet.

On this 75th anniversary, it is more important than ever to consolidate partnerships to help us face the challenges we encounter in the present and in the future. The future of the landscape architecture is in our hands, and remembering the efforts of our predecessors is the first step to renewing the ambition to carry on with foresight and vision.


Would you like to review some key moments of the celebrations?

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The unique publication The IFLA 75th Anniversary Green Book by Schuppel, S., & Akibo, T. (eds.) (2023) is finally available for preorder by LIStLab Editore here: https://bit.ly/49HJ9Kk


By Chiara Sonzogni