President's Message: April 2023


Monica Kuo

As we are facing the threat of climate change and the vision of 2050 net-zero emissions, in various ExCo meetings, the Standing Committees and working groups have been reviewing how to use our existing resources to share and build a precise, but efficient promotion platform.

April 22nd is World Earth Day, which is no longer just a pledge, rather, it should be a constant reminder that we should put forward a systematic, efficient and perceptive practice. 

To this end, after several informal discussions and formal exchanges, we hope that the following more proactive and innovative actions should be built on a platform based in the Asia-Pacific region: 

  1. Enhance multi-directional communication   

Aside from regular IFLA-APR ExCo meetings, we will try to establish an APR regional forum to invite the chairpersons of each association to hold discussions and exchanges on cross-border issues and to analyze and advocate important current events on behalf of the relevant members.   


  1. Expanding Diversity Participation;  Calling for Volunteers from Various Groups 

In order to alleviate the financial burden and to promote relevant initiatives, forums, and academic exchange activities, we intend to openly invite interested members to join various standing committees to effectively develop related collaborative activities and forums, including Talk & Share. 


  1. To strengthen the promotion of mutual visits and observation exchanges 

After the pandemic, we can actively strengthen practical mutual visits, academic and professional exchanges, and promote the medium- and long-term visioning of the landscape across countries and geographic regions. 


  1. Strengthen the promotion of corporate membership network to build a foundation for membership expansion 

To strengthen LA professional groups and related professional practice groups to join IFLA, and to enhance the practical power, innovative technology and competitiveness of LA professional community and cross-border cooperation. 


  1. Linking cross-national academic communities to enhance student exchange and deeper learning in international workshops 

In addition to the existing student competitions, international workshops on regional issues are organized or collaborated with professional organizations to expand the horizons and problem-solving potential of young LAs. 


The above is the framework of the communication and exchange of ideas, and I would like to invite your comments, feedback and cooperation. 

In addition, I attended the 2023 International Forum on High-quality Urban Development & the 13th Yuanye Summit Forum in Hangzhou, China, at the end of March, where I shared my experience and gave a speech on rural revitalization cases. We have met many outstanding Chinese scholars and professional practitioners, and have received a lot of benefits. The Chinese experts would like to invite all faculties and departments from different countries to participate in its annual "Yuan Ye” and Graduation Design International Competition. 

We wish you all a happy Spring Break or Colorful Fall!